The Takchita Princess ~ Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Lalla means ‘lady’ in Morocco and it is a part of the royal title of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma the Princess Consort of King Mohammed VI of Morocco.  Lalla Salma is the first wife of Moroccan royalty to be publically acknowledged and awarded a royal title and she has entered the world stage with a portfolio of state duties and charitable causes.

This is Morocco’s First Lady and a very stylish and striking blend of the traditional and the modern Arabic woman. Lalla Salma is 33 years old and has two children. She was born Salma Bennani in the Morrocan city of Fez to a middle class Moroccan family and she is a computer science graduate.

Lalla Salma is an exotic beauty, a reflection of the influences of both Arab and French cultures that makes Morocco so scintillating, and what makes her all the more fascinating in the Arab world is her porcelain complexion and curly red hair. I think that this lends her a doll-like quality when dressed in the traditional Moroccan dress of the takchita.

And here is Princess Lalla Salma in all her takchita glory…


And, in contrast, here we have the modern wardrobe of Princess Lalla Salma…


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